Do You Believe In Magic………………Still?

We all pray for and long for the return of magic in our lives, for those special moments in our lives that when they occur, seem to shine and allow us a glimpse into a world where miracles are possible.  Oddly enough, the magic in Life is ever-present.  It is simply a matter of adjusting our sight, of being able to view our life and our world as we did as children.  Is this an easy task?  No, not at all.  Not easy at first anyway.  But it becomes easier as our eyes adjust to that special light, the one from our childhood.  Try it. You will undoubtedly find yourself squinting at first, perhaps even raising a hand against the brightness.  But, just give it a few moments and you will adjust.  Trust me on this.  And as you new vision comes into focus, the magic of Life will appear before your very eyes!  So, take a good, long look now! You will see!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Filed under Midnight Musings

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