What Is Life?

Here is a question that is not often asked.  There are many questions asked concerning life.  People ask “What is the meaning of Life?” or “Is there Life after death?”  Another common one is “Is there Life on other planets?”  And if you try, I am sure you have heard similar questions yourself.  However, I rarely hear someone ask the question “What is Life?”  I have always found this to be rather interesting.  And since present circumstances have caused me to consider this question anew, I thought would check with Daniel Webster and see what his dictionary would tell me.  Here is the definition I found.  “Life – The sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual; a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings”.  A concise description, to be sure.  But not exactly what I was looking for.  Given that, I will describe here what I feel Life is.  As before, I ask the permission of your indulgence here.

Life is the most precious of gifts.  It is so much more than the act of inhaling and exhaling.  It is so much more than the consuming of food to sustain our bodies.  It is so much more than an exercise regiment practiced daily to keep ourselves fit and able.  These are all vital functions to sustain life in the miraculous bodies we have been blessed with.  Yet so many of us live as if that is all life is and this is reflected by the manner in which they live.  I don’t believe that this is done intentionally because to believe that this was so would be beyond my comprehension.  People just get caught up in the whole routine of things and forget what is to inquire of Life, to boldly say, “Life, what are you about exactly and what am I to do with you?”  This sounds odd, doesn’t it?  But indeed, you can ask this question and if you are tuned in and sincere, Life will indeed answer you.  It will speak to you and converse with you using your heart as an interpreter.  I call it “Spirit-Speak“.  The Spirit of Life will speak to your Spirit and vice-versa.  It is a spiritual process and can be learned by any one of us.  Test me on this and see if I do not speak the truth.  How is this accomplished?  By the falling away of the materialistic mannerisms that  we seem to cocoon ourselves in.  And then by tuning into the true language of our world.  Were you aware of the words spoken by the breezes that gently blow against your skin and through your hair?  The words are there but not words in the sense that we are used to hearing.  Have you ever heard the language of the trees or the words spoken by the leaves it wears?   The language is there and the words are spoken but not in the manner we are familiar with.  We can develop the sense of hearing required to truly “hear” Life as it plays a veritable symphony of words and music for our sensory enjoyment.  It is simply a matter of engaging our “spiritual hearing” and tuning in to what surrounds our hearts always.

And no, I am not telling you that you must mothball your television, your Wii and all the other devices that have taken control of our lives. (Although there is a degree of merit there)  What I am saying we need to bring some balance back into our lives.  Set aside some time to physically and mentally “unplug”, if you will and then “plug-in” to the spirit side of you.  Learn how to indulge yourself in a bit of Spirit-Speak on a regular basis.  You will be pleasantly amazed by the benefits it brings your way as well as the benefits that spill over to those around you.

Now as you may notice, I seem to roam off the subject matter at times.  And just now as I sat, reviewing what has been written here, I wondered at first how I had wandered off yet again.  But perhaps I did not veer very far off course at all.  The question posed here is “What Is Life?”  I believe that is very much what was being discussed here this evening.  Is Life in the “living of it”?  Yes, and very much so.  Is Life  and the appreciation of it being “in the moment” or being “of the moment”?  I would heartedly give a resounding “Yes!” to both.  All of these things are vital to the process of living Life fully.  But Life itself is so much more as I have tried to convey in these few lines.  Life is alive. It is a being, as real and alive as you and I.  In actuality, Life is an entity.  Once we know this and once we also respect this, we will be on our way to being able to tune in to the spiritual world round about us.  We are then in proper position to hear Life as it shows to us its blessings and its best.

Thank you so much and kindly for your attention.  Be blessed in Life daily.

William J. Thompson, Jr.

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  1. Thank you, William! I love the analogy that life is like a symphony! I have heard the voices of the trees and the voice of the butterfly as it perches on your shoulder! The words of the wind as it blows loudly or softly! Music is everywhere!!! Just have to stop and listen!! 🙂

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