To Whom It May Concern….

Dear government leaders,

Just a short note to you, if I may? You are not so clever as you may believe yourselves to be. More and more, day by day the folks of this country are becoming wise to what it is exactly that you are up to. Perhaps our only saving grace is that your haughtiness and egos have blinded you to this truth. Or perhaps you don’t really care what it is that the citizens you were entrusted to serve feel about you any longer. Either way, we the people who love this country are onto you and know what it is you plan to do.
Permit me please to tell you that this nation and yes, this world does not belong to you. It belongs to each of us, a gift from the One who brought us to be. We have become weary of the way that you and the corporations of this planet rape and pillage the very soil and air that sustains her just so that you can grab yet another dollar to line the pockets of your corruption. You people are a sad lot really. Virtue is a quality that you have grown unfamiliar with and integrity a word you know not the meaning of. You laugh at the idea of global warming and deforestation as if it will not affect your personal lives. If this be your belief, you are more blind within your own ignorance than we would’ve imagined. I personally would feel sorry for you were it not for the fact that in your lust for more, you were not bringing us down with you. Do not deceive yourselves for the once hallowed halls that you hide yourselves in will not protect you from the damage you have wrought.

And as for the plans you may have for the citizenry of this land, a land once based on personal freedom where its leaders were in place to served and not to be served? Folks today, by and large are in the way of knowing what it is you have in mind for them. The concept of RFID chips being used to where buying and selling will be impossible if the individual has not been implanted with one? Do you actually have the idea that this is something new you have thought of? The fact that you may think this is so is sadly laughable. The plans being put into place for this atrocity towards our freedoms as citizens was predicted long, long before you were even a thought in the minds of your parents. If you wish to verify this, take a look into that Book you have forgotten so long ago. It is referred to as the Bible. I mean, do you have the temerity to believe that the Creator who brought you to be and yes, even gave you the position of servitude that you hold today does not know what it is you have planned for those you were supposed to serve? If this be true, then I am sorry for you all. For you see, the position of leadership carries with it the mantle of responsibility and woe be to those who wear that mantle poorly.

Let me state here as well that it grieves me deeply to speak as I am today. I love my country deeply. And I was raised by parents who knew what it was to honor those who would lead this country and this world. Their beliefs were instilled in me from my youth. I want very much to honor and respect our leaders. But respect always has been and always will be earned and not simply given to those who simply feel it is their due. Why you refuse to operate our government within the parameters of our documental foundation is a mystery to me. It is the precepts of the U.S. Constitution that brought this nation to its greatness and therefore allowed us to be of assistance to the world at large whenever circumstances required it. In your greed and demand for greater personal gain, you have effectively destroyed all that this country stands for. And I suppose the joke in all of this is that although you are as yet unaware, you have destroyed yourselves in the process as well. I would suggest to you all this day that as you sit in chambers one day, perhaps to give to yourselves a bit of a homework assignment. I would suggest that as a whole, the lot of you view a rather old movie entitled “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” starring Jimmy Stewart. You may remember it. This grand old black and white film just might serve to jog your memory and cause you to remember why it is you are holding high office just now. Perhaps it will give you the moral ground with which to stop cow-towing to your beloved special interest groups and yes, even stand up to those in high administration if that administration is in the wrong. Again I say to you, let honor and honesty be brought back into our governmental realm once more. And as stated, it hurts my heart to speak in such a way. I desire greatly to hold in high esteem those who would govern our land. And so do the countless others in this nation if you are paying attention these days. Why not make it so? Why not bring honor back to the position you have been entrusted with? It is your right to do so and just as importantly, according to your oath of office, you are duty bound to do so.
This is a message to those whose job it is to serve and serve well the folks of this nation who gave to you the position you hold at present. Do give these words more than a passing thought for change will come, to be sure. And this is your opportunity to bring that change within yourselves and become once again the body of legislation that was once respected by its citizenry. It can be so again.

William James


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