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It Is Time To Do The Right Thing…….

It is time to do the right thing.  Actually, it has been time to do so for quite a long while now.  Wouldn’t you agree?  And my friend, you must ask yourself what is the right thing as it pertains to you, to your life?  Perhaps you already know the answer to that question and if so, I would encourage you to begin to do the right thing now, today!  No longer can we afford to delay our lives.  No longer can we believe that we have the luxury of time nor can we say “When the time is right, I will do this or that.”  It is the lack of forward movement in our respective lives that has brought us to the level of mediocrity in which we dwell today.  The time to begin to do what is the right and true thing is our life is today, this minute!  The time is now!  This world is in desperate need of the particular gift that you came into this world with.  And in truth, the reason that we often feel restless and discontent and the reason we seek out diversion in so many ways is that we are unfulfilled.  And we are unfulfilled due to our neglect of those things which lie within our heart, those things that were meant to be nurtured so that they may grow and come to fruition.  Instead we have become a people who try to fill the void they feel with sit-coms and “Must See TV” or with alcohol or drugs.  We fill our lives with an endless array of material possessions in an effort to feel accomplished, to feel satisfied without realizing that things will provide only a temporal fulfillment.  This is why that after a time, we must go and purchase more things in order to feel sated once again.  And allow me to say this as well……There is nothing wrong with material possessions so long as we remain the possessors and do not become possessed by the possessions, if you will.

So once again, if you know what it is that you are to do with this Life you have been given, with the gifts that will fulfill your purpose here and therefore your Destiny, then may I impress upon you the importance of taking action now and of beginning the journey that Life has for you.  It is your opportunity and privilege to do so for in doing so, you will impact the many lives that are in need of what you have to share.  And the beauty of all this is that when we share with others the gifts that we were meant to share, we are incredibly blessed in return many times over.  You see, this is the method by which we obtain personal fulfillment.  It has always been and will always be thus.  Our Creator set this system in motion when time began.  We see it evidenced in the cycle of Nature every day and in every way.  Take a long and thoughtful look around you at the life all around you and see if this not indeed the truth.

Now for those who know not what the right thing is to do as it pertains to their lives, let me say this to you.  If you will look earnestly within your spirit and your heart, if you will quiet yourself long enough to remember who you were so long ago before the cares of this world swept you up and away……If you will take the time and the effort to do this, you will rediscover your being.  You will rediscover and come to know truly perhaps for the first time who you are.  The gifts that have been so long-buried will show themselves to you and with just bit of encouragement on your part, these gifts will reawaken and begin their cycle of growth.  My friend, if this be you then you are in for a delightful transformation, one that will begin and continue as you step onto the path that Life has chosen for you.  It will be arduous at times but well worth it, an exciting adventure that you raise to heights previously unknown to you.  For you who wish to discover or rediscover what lies within, I would say to begin this self-introspection today, now and this minute.  This world, our world is in need of what you was given to you.  Give this thought but do not delay.  Begin your journey to fulfillment today so that others may be blessed and that they may bless still others in return.

It is time to do the right thing.  It is time to do what is the right thing for our world and for all those who dwell therein.  If we choose to do so, our world can be blessed and be changed in dramatic fashion.  And in doing what is right and what is true within, we ourselves cannot help but to be abundantly blessed in return.  It is the way of it and cannot be otherwise.  It is time to do the right thing.  Let us do so today.  Let us begin now. 

I wish to thank you for taking the time to take in these words.  Good words strung together are as like unto a good meal.  I hope that the words here this evening have provided nourishment of a sort for your mind and spirit.  Please do consider what you have read and act upon it for it is more than a bit true.  And if I may, truth in action is what we need.  It is what our world requires so it may know healing.  Good night. Take care with yourselves.

Authored by William J. Thompson,Jr.


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I Will Give You Beauty For Your Ashes…..

What beautiful words these are!  Beauty is all that is wonderful and glorious and good.  Beauty is what we all want and need in our lives. Beauty is to be found in love and in life. There is the beauty of a friendship, the beauty of family and the beauty of one’s heart, just to name a few.  We have been created in beauty and therefore to live fully, we must have beauty in our lives.  This is how our Creator has ordained the world, the universe.  But often times, Life can be unkind to our spirits and cause us to become broken inside.  Something or someone beautiful in our life is taken away and what was beauty is burned away.  What we are left with then is the remnants of what was a beautiful part of our lives.  What Life leaves us with is the ashes.

The word beauty calls forth from our minds images and words that lift our hearts and brings abundance to our spirit, our soul. Does the word ashes illicit the same response from within us?  No it does not.  When you hear the word ashes, what comes to mind?  For me, the images that present themselves in my mind are those of emptiness, of a vitality that is no longer present.  Ashes are what is left when all else is gone.  Have you ever sat before a bonfire on a cool evening and felt the warmth from the fire radiate towards you and perhaps watched the tendrils of smoke rise into the night sky, a haze against a blanket of stars?  And remember as well the delicious crackling you would hear as you stared almost hypnotically  into the flames, your mind gently wandering, drinking in the wonders of the night?  I have had the privilege of doing so a number of times and the memories connected there are beautiful and sweet.  But when the bonfire had spent itself and the embers had ceased their warm glow, all the remained was a mound of ashes which no longer spoke of a warming for the spirit and body.  These ashes, these remnants now only offered up a kind of  empty and quiet coldness, a sense of something now lost.  I have never seen anyone sit in front of a bonfire whose life and light had burned itself out.  Have you, my friend?  I am sure you have not.

I suppose my point here is rather obvious.  These two words beauty and ashes are completely opposite each other in that the feelings and memories we may have of them are dramatically different as well.  And I might add that there is a scripture which states the God will give us beauty for our ashes.  What the word ashes is referring to in this passage is what we have lost in our life as well as the pain and emptiness we have suffered because of it.  So, if we have been afflicted with the ashes of loneliness due to the fact we do not have that special one to fill our being with a love that is true, God then is offering you the beauty of such a love.  And if it is not around the next corner, it is not so far off really. Just be patient and ask for the wisdom to recognize it when it comes.  Are you suffering the ashes of pain and of sorrow because of the loss of a loved one called away from our world too soon?  This is a difficult one, to be sure.  A person so afflicted can become angry and bitter and disengage themselves from what is their true self and become lost along the way.  And from a human standpoint, it is hard to blame them for feeling this way.  The words “God’s ways are not our ways” or “Have faith for it will all work out” become little more than platitudes and actually can make one in such a state even more bitter and angry.   I have been there and I know the truth of this.  And I wish for the benefit of those reading this that I could boldly say that I now understand it.  But I do not, not completely.  However, I do have peace concerning it now, an acceptance if you will as well as a belief that God still knows what it is He is doing even if I may not agree with it many times.  And I no longer suffer the ashes of pain and of sorrow for the one that I lost now lives above as well as within my heart.  The knowledge and peace I have concerning this, that is the beauty that God has given me in place of those cold and empty ashes.

What are the ashes that bring despair and hopelessness in your life?  Is it the loss of a job and the lack of employment?  God has promised you beauty for your ashes.  Is there a marriage that has gone wrong or a family that is torn apart?  God has promised you beauty for your ashes. Whatever our situation may be, God has stated clearly that He will take those cold, lifeless ashes you have within and will give you instead beauty in such abundance that it will overwhelm your heart and fill your spirit to overflowing so that you may bless others in return.  Test Him upon this promise.  Did you know that God wants us to, has actually requested that we ask, and ask believing that His promises are true?  However, a word of caution here though, if I may.  Remember that we live in a world of instant coffee, fast food and 24 hour ATM machines.  So, we usually expect answers immediately, if not sooner.  Take a breath, have sufficient faith and believe.  We may not receive our beauty for ashes in the fashion we would expect or as quickly as we would want this to be accomplished.  Know then that our Creator has a bit more wisdom than we do more often than not.  So, have patience, believe and know that the beauty He has coming your way will be what you life needs and will also arrive at the proper time for God is never late with His promises nor does He fail to live up to those promises.

I will give you beauty for your ashes……How beautiful are these words?  And who else but Our Creator would take unto Himself our emptiness and pain and give us in return incomprehensible beauty, fullness and joy?   Give this some thought, my friends.

I thank you again for your kind attention here and send to you my prayers for blessing in the lives of you and yours.

William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Life is Grand, Ain’t It?

Good evening to all!  I pray that all those who view these words here and everyone else as well has had a tremendously blessed day.  And I would further trust that you have blessed others in return.  As for the title of this little piece I am writing, I will tell you that I have not forgotten the value, the necessity of proper speech.  To be quite honest, it pained me a bit to use the word “ain’t” because as we all know, “ain’t” ain’t a word!  I will further confess that it was a cheap ploy to hopefully gain your attention here.  However, those first three words there are very much the truth.  Life is indeed grand!  I was going over the various things that I have posted here and discovered something.  Well, it wasn’t so much a discovery , I suppose.  I know myself fairly well and the fact that I gravitate towards the serious is no secret to me.  I am passionate about things, about injustice in our world and about regaining the greatness of our nation, about people coming to know the beauty that is within them and about so many other things.  Given all of this, I sometimes in the midst of being intense, forget about the simple joys that are so abundant in this world.

There is so much to smile at and give thanks for each precious day that we are alive.  For example, did you feel the rays of the Sun today as it gently warmed you?  Smile and give thanks!  What is that you say?  There was no Sun for you and it rained most of the day?  Then smile and give thanks to the heavens for giving to us once again the water that sustains us all.  And perhaps better still, do as you did as a child and turn your face upward to feel those rain drops upon your skin.  Then smile and give thanks for the gift of this miraculous liquid sunshine!  For Life is indeed grand!

Take a moment or two out of your day here and ruminate on the grandeur of Life.  And if some of you are grumbling, saying, “Oh, if you knew what my day has been like, then maybe you wouldn’t even suggest such a thing.  I was stuck in traffic for an hour and arrived to work late and the day went downhill from there!”  Hmmmmmmm……So, you did arrive to work which means you are still breathing, yes?  Take a deep breath even now so as to be sure.  But I want you to savor that breath, really feel that breath and realize the miracle of it.  Now, smile and give thanks for being alive.  That is my suggestion for you on this beautiful day.  There is a line from a Mel Brooks movie that my dear brother reminds me of now and again and here it is  –  “There are so many things you can’t do when you’re dead!”  A bit boldly stated for my taste but very much the truth.  Think about those words.  In fact, print them out and place them where you will see them often.  For Life is indeed grand!

Did someone send a smile your way as you walked down the street today?  And how about the person who held the door open for you because they noticed that your hands were quite full?  And what of that dog or cat that greets you each day, freely giving you their love and affection when you walk in the door?  And do you remember seeing that elderly couple in the store today?  Remember how you smiled when you noticed that they were still holding hands after all those years?  Smile and give thanks for Life is indeed grand!  And earlier today, when you were having that particularly stressful moment and that one song that always brightens your day came on the radio and for those few moments, things became just a bit easier to handle?  My friend, these are all small but precious gifts that Life provides us with each and every day.  If we take the time to notice and appreciate these and the countless other occurrences throughout our day, we will begin to realize that Life is indeed grand!

I should tell you that there was a catalyst that brought about my train of thought here.  Actually there were two incidents that gave me pause and made me think, really think about the grandeur of Life.  The first incident was when a few weeks ago, someone in my immediate family had a series of mini-strokes. And in actuality, the “mini-strokes” were a blessing, as odd as that may sound.  I suppose one could say it was the difference between getting punched in the arm a number of times or getting one swift, hard uppercut to the jaw.  The swift uppercut to the jaw would have obviously been the worst of the two.  There has been much prayer obviously and add to this the fact that this individual is a fighter and the result is a rather substantial recovery thus far.  This has caused me to remember that Life is indeed grand!  It is all too easy to get caught up in our life and forget about Life itself, yes?

There is also someone I know who is very dear to my heart who recently lost a loved one.  It is a difficult time for them, I know.  And strangely enough, this person is steadfastly giving words of encouragement to others throughout this ordeal.  It amazes me, to be quite honest.  This was the other incident I spoke of previously.  These are the reasons why I am realizing afresh and anew that you and I, that all of us need to savor every precious moment of every wonderful day and to be aware of the many gifts and blessings that surround us always.  My desire is that we consistently smile and give thanks for Life is indeed grand!

Thank you for your kind attention this evening.  Take care, be blessed and live Life abundantly!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Love’s Gift

Two bodies with souls entwined.

Hearts pulsing, beating as one.

Two spirits conjoined,

thoughts once separate become alike in love.

Passions’s fire burns bright,

giving way then to Love’s warm embers.

Soft and gentle kisses are gifted

as a new Dawn gives its’ Grace to the sky.

Love’s gift has been given.


William James Thompson, Jr


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