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Lead With Your Heart……

Let your heart determine the course for your Life for it will bring to you a future that you could have never known otherwise.  For you see, our hearts cannot lie nor can they deceive us for they are who we are.  Permit me to say also that when our heart is for us, none can be against us and we will indeed then win the day!  When we are guided by who we truly are, beings touched by the Divine, and when opposition occurs (for it surely will) we can step into the fray wholeheartedly because the strength of our heart fights with us and for us.  Do you see how this is the truth of it?  And for those who may question the logic here and say that it is Our Creator who should determine the course of our respective lives, I would agree with you so very strongly.  It is, after all our Creator who lives within and who chose to bless us with that unique spark of the Divine that is quietly burning in our Spirit, in our heart.  The desire of the Creator is that we not only cherish this Divine gift but also that we use the kindling of His Word and of Life itself so that we may bring this vibrant spark into a mighty flame that spreads its warmth and love across the landscape of our Life, each flame touching upon another that all may feel the heat, the warmth of God’s perfect love.
And it seems I have strayed a bit as to form but we are indeed discussing the direction of our Life as determined by the strength of our heart.  As such, it is rather difficult to leave our Creator out of the proverbial picture, yes? But let us return now to our beginning and know that we surely must allow our heart to be our counsel and our close friend in order to reach the Completion of Purpose set for us on our path.  And may I say further that in all dealings with this close friend we have, always be honest with your heart.  To lie or to cheat any individual is reprehensible and I am sure that we concur on that fact.  But to even entertain the idea of self-deception or being less than honest with yourself is to invite in less than your best for yourself.  And when that comes about, your personal integrity is compromised which causes one to lose credibility with ones’ self.  It is then the start of a downward spiral that ends in ruin and the destruction of what you could have been.  It is a strong bond that we form with what lies within but because we are human, it can also carry with it a delicate balance that we share with ourselves. Friends, you know of what I speak, yes?
I am not quite sure as to how or why I came to write this today.  Perhaps it is because I have had some dealings with myself as of late.  Perhaps it is because there is someone who needs to hear such things today.  I do not really know for sure.  However, what I am certain of is simply this……..Life itself can often be troublesome and its road can be one that is rough.  Let us not make the journey more difficult by not enlisting the aid of those gifts provided us by the One who brought us to be.  And at the top of the list of those gifts, if you will is the miracle of our heart, of our Spirit.  It is separate from us in that we inhabit a body that is comprised of flesh, blood and bone.  Yet it is a part of us in that it inhabits that same body with us therefore making us as one which was and is the intention of our Creator.   I believe this concept falls under the realm of the miraculous really.  I find this to be so fascinating!  But let us return to where our heart awaits us, shall we?

Let me say only this just now…..Know your heart well and with your honesty, let it guide you.  Heed well it’s counsel for the instruction it gives when untainted stems from the Divinity above.  Recognize and embrace that which is within you.  Be aware that your Spirit while separate is united within you and as such gives you a source of power and direction that is rivaled by none.   Be thankful for this and by all means, make use of this for it will propel you forward onto the Life path you travel on and into the realization of your Purpose.

And one last thought here, if I may?  In boxing, I have heard a phrase used often where the trainer will instruct the boxer to “lead with your left”  or to “lead with your right”.  This advice is given in order that the boxer perform in the manner most effective against his opponent so that he may win the bout.  But notice also the words being used here.  “Lead with your left” or “Lead with your right” which tells me that the boxer is doing more than throwing a punch.  It tells me that his entire body is involved in this process for he is leading with his right or left.  It is a united effort whose end is realized by the coming together of power, yes?  In same manner, I would exhort all of us to begin to lead with our heart that we may know what is true and that our Purpose here come to fruition that our Destiny may be realized.  My friends, if we do this…..If we develop an accord with our heart and with our Spirit?   What this means simply put is that we must live in agreement with what our Creator placed within us and by doing so, we will then walk then as one.  And a Life that walks within that realm of power is powerful indeed!   If the truth be known, a Life lived in this manner is unstoppable!  This is, after all the way our Creator would have us live our lives.  Truly it is for He said so and it cannot be otherwise.

I appreciate the time you’ve given in reading these few words.  I am in hopes that they were of benefit to any and all who viewed them.  My friends, do lead with your heart and walk with your Spirit that you may live Life in abundance and if this be so, you are in good position to be a blessing unto humanity and our world!  Take care with yourselves and be good to yourselves always.


Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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Canine Confusion

I believe that we all have an odd or unusual thought cross our mind once in a while. At least I hope this is the case as I wouldn’t want to be alone in this.  You have had this occur also?  I must say that is a bit of a relief.  Well, the thought I am going to share with you is perhaps a bit silly.  However, we need a bit of  “silly” in our lives from time to time which is why I decided to have some fun with my slightly peculiar thought.  I appreciate your indulgence here.  I hope it brings a smile to you!

If I were a dog, what breed would best suit me?  An odd question but an interesting concept to say the least.  At first thought, I picture myself as some noble breed, say a Doberman Pinscher.  Yeah, that’s the one.  A Doberman, sleek and tall with intelligent eyes, ever alert and ever ready.  Yes, that’s me alright.  But wait!  Perhaps I am more like a German Shepherd who is much like the Doberman.  Intelligent, watchful and very loyal.  Of course, the shepherd has a lot of fur and I would have no aversion to an abundance of hair follicles.  So, I would be a German Shepherd.  I am certain of this…..I think.

However, there is the Collie.  You know, Lassie who is always loyal and true and is always saving little Timmy from some sort of disaster.  A true canine hero if there ever was one!  Except, of course, for Rin-Tin-Tin.  He was a German Shepherd.  So, now I am back to that breed again.  Hmmmmmmm……..you know, after thinking about it for a while, I’ve figured out something.  The canine hero types have a lot expected of them, always saving someone from one thing or another.  Who needs all the pressure, you know?

So, if I am not the hero type (although I am very loyal), then what breed of dog am I most like?  I cannot be a hunting dog or any sort of retriever because I do not hunt and believe it wrong to do so.  Although, cocker spaniels are no longer used for hunting and are more of a household dog now.  They are extremely loyal as well as affectionate and they’re really good with kids.  Now, that could be a breed that would suit me for I am all of that and more.  Yep, that’s me alright.  A taffy colored cocker spaniel…….that is unless I’m more like one of those dogs with the long fur, an Afghan hound I believe they are called.  But if I be an Afghan hound, then we’re back to that whole hair thing again.  So, leave us not go there.

Of course, I could be one of those Chinese dogs……a Sharpe’ or something like that.  Oh, wait just a minute here!  Time out!  They have that whole pudgy, wrinkly thing going’ on.  I certainly don’t need any of that.  Of this, I am sure!  And I know I am not cut out to be a poodle.  Could you imagine me as a poodle??  No!!  I shudder at the very thought.

You know, I had figured this to be an easy subject to cover, this odd query of mine.  On the contrary, it has proven itself to be quite difficult indeed!  Let us see here.  I could be a Daschund…..no, too built too low to the ground.  I mean, at the risk of sounding indelicate, how do they go to the bathroom anyway??  Ummmmm….How about a big old St. Bernard?  Well, maybe not since they have to go out in the cold and rescue people.  The way I see it, that’s a double negative.  Not only do you have to do the hero thing but you have to do it in sub-zero temperatures.  Thanks just the same, but no.

Sooooo…..What about being a Boxer?  Say, that’s not bad, not bad at all.  I could learn to deal with the whole pushed-in face thing, I suppose.  And Boxers are tough.  No one messes with them, right?  But that raises another issue.  A Rocky Balboa kinda guy I’m not.  Plus, it goes back to the whole image thing, you know?  Who needs the added stress?  Not this kid, that’s for sure.  However, I still have not determined what breed of dog I would be, if I were indeed such an animal.  Being a chihuahua is out for two reasons.  They are small and they are annoying.  And I am not small.  Annoying at times?  Yes.  Small, no.

I suppose I could be an Elkhound but that poor fellow has got to be confused.  Am I a dog or a deer?  Whew, talk about a complex!  So, that’s not a good choice either.  I really am in a quandary here.  What to do, what to be…….Hey! I do believe I’ve hit on the perfect type of dog, one that would suit me the best.  I am sure you’ve heard of this infamous breed before.  It’s called “Heinz 57”, also known as mixed or affectionately called a “mutt”.  Well, maybe we’ll leave the “mutt” part out.  However, this is the perfect blend of breeds, as it were.  I would have the courage of Lassie, the sharp senses and strength of Rin-Tin-Tin, the affection and loyalty of a Cocker Spaniel and the intelligence of a Doberman Pinscher.  And of course, being a “Heinz 57”, I would have other innumerable good qualities as well.  It would be, as they say, the best of all worlds.

Well my good friends, I trust that this will suffice as a suitable answer to the question I posed here this evening.  I thank you for your patience as this subject has certainly tested mine!!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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