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And Now That The Election Is Over………What Happens Now?

Well my fellow Americans, the votes are coming in and being tabulated.  The media is discussing and forecasting who the new President will be.  The prognosticators are prognosticating and the experts are making themselves heard.  Will the current president remain for another term or will the reins of leadership be turned over to another?  The answer will be made clear in a matter of a few short hours.  And the answer will be of interest to the citizens of this country, myself included.  However, I am going to pose a more interesting question to those of you out there and would be most interested in what your answer would be.  For this question and how it is answered is of far greater importance than the question of who will become our next President.

My question to you, to me and to all of us is a simple one.  What happens now?   The last four years have gone by and our politicians have played the same games that were played in previous years.  Nothing has really changed other than our economy has worsened and our leadership blames this on the leadership that was in place before they got into office.  Which is kind of funny because the administration before our present one made the same statement about the administration that preceded it as well.  And if you look back beyond that administration, you will find the same story repeated again.  And I will mention another parallel to be drawn as well.  In each of these terms of office, our leaders have always voted in favor of themselves receiving annual raises in salary and enhanced benefits.  Oh and lest I forget to mention, if you do your homework on this you will see that the liberties we have enjoyed, those liberties granted us in the Constitution have been decreasing in the last several years and continue to do so.  I don’t know about you, friend but I work the equivalent of 2 jobs to survive and make ends meet.  It would seem to me that we should have a say in how our elected officials are running our country.

I have made mention of this subject before but on this, the night of the presidential election it just seemed rather important to me.  The vast majority of the citizenship of this great country of ours are pretty intelligent folk overall.  So this being the case, why do we allow this to go on, year after year, four-year term after four-year term?  Come on people, be honest with yourselves.  Whether the current president is re-elected or the new fellow gets voted in, do you truly believe in your heart, in your spirit that the game of politics will be played any differently?  You know the answer to this as surely as the sun will break the new dawn.  It will continue to be business as usual in our nation’s capitol.  And the sad part of all this is that we are the one’s responsible for allowing our leaders, our elected officials to continue in this fashion.  It used to be that our senators and our representatives were servants of the citizens who elected them in the first place.  Now they are servants unto themselves.  Yes, I have made that statement before and I am making it again.  And I say it because it is true.

And I apologize if I sound like I am degrading this country because I am not.  I love this, our country.  In actuality, I am not even berating the ones who are in leadership.  I know it sounds that way.  The truth of the matter is that our leaders are human beings and are therefore fallible, as are we all.  And being human, they will take things only as far as the citizens they serve will allow.  So, who am I berating and chastising here, really?  You know this answer as well as you know your own name, don’t you?  I am taking to task the citizens of this country for it is our complacency and apathy that has permitted things to go as far as they have.  I am speaking to myself as well as to anyone else.

Our leaders are elected by the citizenry of the country and therefore are to serve the best interest of said citizenry.  And since our elected officials are indeed voted in by those people they are to serve, those officials, those leaders are to be held to a higher standard.  To whom more responsibility is given, more is expected in return.  In other words, we entrust ourselves and our children to those who we elect to govern our country.  We expect them to act in the best interest of our country.  If this is a responsibility they cannot handle properly or do not intend to handle properly, then they should not have the position so entrusted.  It is quite simple really.  Everything seems to get overcomplicated in today’s world when most things are still easily seen if we take the time to view them through the eyes of what is right and what is wrong.

We still have choices in this country and at present, we still have the time to make some proper choices so as to bring this nation back to greatness.  But time has a tendency to run out and this issue in front of us is a bit more important than trying to get to the shopping mall before it closes or making that deposit in the bank before the doors are locked for the day.  There is quite a bit more at stake here.  And if I may, a quick suggestion for all of us.  If you haven’t ever read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States, you should.  It is your birthright as a citizen and besides that, it is pretty interesting stuff.  Oh by the way, you may have noticed that I didn’t mention any names in regards to who is running for office.  That was intentional because it isn’t about who is running for office.  It is about what they will do if elected.  Let us set aside for now who is representing what political party and all the rest of that.  That is a secondary issue at best.

This is our country.  This is our nation.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep it on course and in keeping with that, we are accountable for keeping our leaders accountable for how they care for what is our country, our nation and our home.  Let us together bring about the much-needed changes in this land in which we and our children live.  Think about it and then take the next step.  Follow your thought with action.  I love this country and I know you do as well.

Thank you once again for your kind attention this evening.  May your day be blessed and may you bless others in return.


William J. Thompson, Jr

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Compromise?

“Give me liberty or give me death!”  Patrick Henry uttered those famous words on March 23, 1775.  He spoke these words with conviction and I have no doubt he would’ve had no qualms in laying down his life in defense of his beliefs.  Much has changed since that time.  And unfortunately, change is not always for the better.  People of our day lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up for their convictions and beliefs.  “Give me liberty or give me death!” has given way to “You have to go along to get along.”  There is quite a difference between these two quotations.  Wouldn’t you agree?  As you may know, Patrick Henry was one of our founding fathers.  So, who spoke those less powerful words of going along to get along?  That, my friend was a fellow by the name of Sam Rayburn, a politician and lawyer who came along about 100 years later.  History reflects that he was responsible for some good things including contributions to the New Deal legislation.  So I am not speaking ill of his character.  I am simply stating that the business of compromise had begun eroding the moral fiber of our country many decades ago.  Now, compromise in life is sometimes a necessary component in our lives, unfortunately.  But it never should be allowed to be the method by which we determine our lives.  And it certainly should not dictate the governing of our country!

Too much compromise brings about weakness in structure, as we all know.  It is no different from laying the plans for a building.  The foundation of any building must be strong.  I believe it is referred to as “integral strength”.  And what would happen if our home was built upon a foundation that lacked this integral strength?  What if the mixture of the concrete had been compromised to save on cost?  Well, we already know the answer there, don’t we?  The house will not stand because it cannot stand.  Should we not be at least as attentive to the maintenance of our country’s foundation as we are to our homes, our bridges and buildings?

My point is simply this – Compromise, kept in a proper perspective can be of good use.  It can help resolve problems in many ways.  It is an ingredient that must be seen as necessary in various situations.  But not in all situations!  Mind this now!  Compromise is insidious if allowed to run rampant thru our society and our government.  “But it is for the greater good!”, you may say.  To that I say we have permitted the spirit of compromise to eat away at the foundation of integrity and strength on which our country, these United States of America has been built on.  And in doing so, we have become complacent and therefore given acceptance to the way our leaders are running this nation today.  Do you not see what is happening today??  If you do not, then please, please step back for a moment and wipe the sleep from your eyes.  Then take a good long look at what our country has become.  And with your vision having been cleared, I would ask you to help restore the vision that was once our country.

Now many will say I am overreacting and that this country of ours has never been a picture of perfection.  Okay, I will concede the point.  No, the United States of America has never been without its’ faults and shortcomings.  However, our nation has never strayed this far away from the premises upon which it was founded, from the truths which gave this country its’ strength.  As a result, our nations’ integral strength is crumbling.  It is falling apart just a bit more each and every day.  This was our country at one time and did not belong to the politicians.  It can be our country again.  So, let us see if we can find it within ourselves, the passion and the strength to learn again what means to declare those immortal words “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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