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Life is Grand, Ain’t It?

Good evening to all!  I pray that all those who view these words here and everyone else as well has had a tremendously blessed day.  And I would further trust that you have blessed others in return.  As for the title of this little piece I am writing, I will tell you that I have not forgotten the value, the necessity of proper speech.  To be quite honest, it pained me a bit to use the word “ain’t” because as we all know, “ain’t” ain’t a word!  I will further confess that it was a cheap ploy to hopefully gain your attention here.  However, those first three words there are very much the truth.  Life is indeed grand!  I was going over the various things that I have posted here and discovered something.  Well, it wasn’t so much a discovery , I suppose.  I know myself fairly well and the fact that I gravitate towards the serious is no secret to me.  I am passionate about things, about injustice in our world and about regaining the greatness of our nation, about people coming to know the beauty that is within them and about so many other things.  Given all of this, I sometimes in the midst of being intense, forget about the simple joys that are so abundant in this world.

There is so much to smile at and give thanks for each precious day that we are alive.  For example, did you feel the rays of the Sun today as it gently warmed you?  Smile and give thanks!  What is that you say?  There was no Sun for you and it rained most of the day?  Then smile and give thanks to the heavens for giving to us once again the water that sustains us all.  And perhaps better still, do as you did as a child and turn your face upward to feel those rain drops upon your skin.  Then smile and give thanks for the gift of this miraculous liquid sunshine!  For Life is indeed grand!

Take a moment or two out of your day here and ruminate on the grandeur of Life.  And if some of you are grumbling, saying, “Oh, if you knew what my day has been like, then maybe you wouldn’t even suggest such a thing.  I was stuck in traffic for an hour and arrived to work late and the day went downhill from there!”  Hmmmmmmm……So, you did arrive to work which means you are still breathing, yes?  Take a deep breath even now so as to be sure.  But I want you to savor that breath, really feel that breath and realize the miracle of it.  Now, smile and give thanks for being alive.  That is my suggestion for you on this beautiful day.  There is a line from a Mel Brooks movie that my dear brother reminds me of now and again and here it is  –  “There are so many things you can’t do when you’re dead!”  A bit boldly stated for my taste but very much the truth.  Think about those words.  In fact, print them out and place them where you will see them often.  For Life is indeed grand!

Did someone send a smile your way as you walked down the street today?  And how about the person who held the door open for you because they noticed that your hands were quite full?  And what of that dog or cat that greets you each day, freely giving you their love and affection when you walk in the door?  And do you remember seeing that elderly couple in the store today?  Remember how you smiled when you noticed that they were still holding hands after all those years?  Smile and give thanks for Life is indeed grand!  And earlier today, when you were having that particularly stressful moment and that one song that always brightens your day came on the radio and for those few moments, things became just a bit easier to handle?  My friend, these are all small but precious gifts that Life provides us with each and every day.  If we take the time to notice and appreciate these and the countless other occurrences throughout our day, we will begin to realize that Life is indeed grand!

I should tell you that there was a catalyst that brought about my train of thought here.  Actually there were two incidents that gave me pause and made me think, really think about the grandeur of Life.  The first incident was when a few weeks ago, someone in my immediate family had a series of mini-strokes. And in actuality, the “mini-strokes” were a blessing, as odd as that may sound.  I suppose one could say it was the difference between getting punched in the arm a number of times or getting one swift, hard uppercut to the jaw.  The swift uppercut to the jaw would have obviously been the worst of the two.  There has been much prayer obviously and add to this the fact that this individual is a fighter and the result is a rather substantial recovery thus far.  This has caused me to remember that Life is indeed grand!  It is all too easy to get caught up in our life and forget about Life itself, yes?

There is also someone I know who is very dear to my heart who recently lost a loved one.  It is a difficult time for them, I know.  And strangely enough, this person is steadfastly giving words of encouragement to others throughout this ordeal.  It amazes me, to be quite honest.  This was the other incident I spoke of previously.  These are the reasons why I am realizing afresh and anew that you and I, that all of us need to savor every precious moment of every wonderful day and to be aware of the many gifts and blessings that surround us always.  My desire is that we consistently smile and give thanks for Life is indeed grand!

Thank you for your kind attention this evening.  Take care, be blessed and live Life abundantly!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Canine Confusion

I believe that we all have an odd or unusual thought cross our mind once in a while. At least I hope this is the case as I wouldn’t want to be alone in this.  You have had this occur also?  I must say that is a bit of a relief.  Well, the thought I am going to share with you is perhaps a bit silly.  However, we need a bit of  “silly” in our lives from time to time which is why I decided to have some fun with my slightly peculiar thought.  I appreciate your indulgence here.  I hope it brings a smile to you!

If I were a dog, what breed would best suit me?  An odd question but an interesting concept to say the least.  At first thought, I picture myself as some noble breed, say a Doberman Pinscher.  Yeah, that’s the one.  A Doberman, sleek and tall with intelligent eyes, ever alert and ever ready.  Yes, that’s me alright.  But wait!  Perhaps I am more like a German Shepherd who is much like the Doberman.  Intelligent, watchful and very loyal.  Of course, the shepherd has a lot of fur and I would have no aversion to an abundance of hair follicles.  So, I would be a German Shepherd.  I am certain of this…..I think.

However, there is the Collie.  You know, Lassie who is always loyal and true and is always saving little Timmy from some sort of disaster.  A true canine hero if there ever was one!  Except, of course, for Rin-Tin-Tin.  He was a German Shepherd.  So, now I am back to that breed again.  Hmmmmmmm……..you know, after thinking about it for a while, I’ve figured out something.  The canine hero types have a lot expected of them, always saving someone from one thing or another.  Who needs all the pressure, you know?

So, if I am not the hero type (although I am very loyal), then what breed of dog am I most like?  I cannot be a hunting dog or any sort of retriever because I do not hunt and believe it wrong to do so.  Although, cocker spaniels are no longer used for hunting and are more of a household dog now.  They are extremely loyal as well as affectionate and they’re really good with kids.  Now, that could be a breed that would suit me for I am all of that and more.  Yep, that’s me alright.  A taffy colored cocker spaniel…….that is unless I’m more like one of those dogs with the long fur, an Afghan hound I believe they are called.  But if I be an Afghan hound, then we’re back to that whole hair thing again.  So, leave us not go there.

Of course, I could be one of those Chinese dogs……a Sharpe’ or something like that.  Oh, wait just a minute here!  Time out!  They have that whole pudgy, wrinkly thing going’ on.  I certainly don’t need any of that.  Of this, I am sure!  And I know I am not cut out to be a poodle.  Could you imagine me as a poodle??  No!!  I shudder at the very thought.

You know, I had figured this to be an easy subject to cover, this odd query of mine.  On the contrary, it has proven itself to be quite difficult indeed!  Let us see here.  I could be a Daschund…..no, too built too low to the ground.  I mean, at the risk of sounding indelicate, how do they go to the bathroom anyway??  Ummmmm….How about a big old St. Bernard?  Well, maybe not since they have to go out in the cold and rescue people.  The way I see it, that’s a double negative.  Not only do you have to do the hero thing but you have to do it in sub-zero temperatures.  Thanks just the same, but no.

Sooooo…..What about being a Boxer?  Say, that’s not bad, not bad at all.  I could learn to deal with the whole pushed-in face thing, I suppose.  And Boxers are tough.  No one messes with them, right?  But that raises another issue.  A Rocky Balboa kinda guy I’m not.  Plus, it goes back to the whole image thing, you know?  Who needs the added stress?  Not this kid, that’s for sure.  However, I still have not determined what breed of dog I would be, if I were indeed such an animal.  Being a chihuahua is out for two reasons.  They are small and they are annoying.  And I am not small.  Annoying at times?  Yes.  Small, no.

I suppose I could be an Elkhound but that poor fellow has got to be confused.  Am I a dog or a deer?  Whew, talk about a complex!  So, that’s not a good choice either.  I really am in a quandary here.  What to do, what to be…….Hey! I do believe I’ve hit on the perfect type of dog, one that would suit me the best.  I am sure you’ve heard of this infamous breed before.  It’s called “Heinz 57”, also known as mixed or affectionately called a “mutt”.  Well, maybe we’ll leave the “mutt” part out.  However, this is the perfect blend of breeds, as it were.  I would have the courage of Lassie, the sharp senses and strength of Rin-Tin-Tin, the affection and loyalty of a Cocker Spaniel and the intelligence of a Doberman Pinscher.  And of course, being a “Heinz 57”, I would have other innumerable good qualities as well.  It would be, as they say, the best of all worlds.

Well my good friends, I trust that this will suffice as a suitable answer to the question I posed here this evening.  I thank you for your patience as this subject has certainly tested mine!!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Well Done, My Child. Well Done.

I had occasion to speak with someone today.  How the conversation began I am not quite sure.  But I do know how it ended and it was the subject matter that gave me pause.  It caused me to turn my gaze inward and do a bit of self-examination.  This individual spoke to me of her husband of many years who had died just 3 months ago.  She said he was in good health overall but had a tendency to work far too much.  As she spoke, one could tell that her husband was a good man gone too soon.  The look in her eyes and the measure of her voice told you that this was so.  It started me to thinking about some things.  I will share with you two of these thoughts here today.

The first of the two is a bit of a mental snapshot put into words.  The thought behind it is succinct and easily entreated.  It simply comes down to the old adage we all have heard many times.  “Take time to smell the roses.”  Those words are very much a truism.  Yet so few of us put into practice the message conveyed in those words.  We need to, for the sake of our health and our families, learn to slow down and ease up as we go about our day-to-day routines.  Our life is but a small series of moments strung together, if we are fortunate.  Then we are gone like a breath of wind.  I wish to encourage us, you and I to stop and allow ourselves to truly see the world around us, if only for a few minutes each day.  The wonders of this world are there to be seen, to be felt.  A life directed is indeed important.  Just do not become so focused on the map you are holding that you forget to look up and see where it is you are headed.  And be sure to notice life’s wonders along the way.  Please, I ask of you this one thing.  Remember that a rose is a thing of beauty to behold.  However, you cannot truly appreciate its beauty until you pause long enough to drink in the fragrance it offers you.

Now I did say that there were two thoughts I wished to share with you this day.  The second road, if you will, that my mind traveled down is longer.  Or perhaps I simply walked a bit further along that road.  But if you will indulge me, I believe this walk to be worth  the few extra steps.  So, come along with me now.  Let us wander down that stretch of road that exists only in the mind.  I trust you are wearing your walking shoes.  Now, on to the road, that road of reflection.  Are you ready?

The first road of thought we had explored here was all about the appreciation of life and our need to put into practice that appreciation.  It was telling us the importance of maintaining a balance.  A balance of focusing intently on our goals while still enjoying not only the path we are on but also the world along the way.  To ignore the need for balance will only serve to make our journey intolerable which is a direct route to failure.

Now this other road we are on presently is also about the appreciation of life.  But it also is about the appreciation and recognition of others.  It involves something a bit more intangible, a bit more human.  Is this a contradiction in terms?  Perhaps.  I am hoping it makes more sense as we continue our walk together.  Let me try to explain………Okay, let us try this and see if it’s a good fit, shall we?

As children growing up, there were certain words that we always longed to hear, needed to hear actually.  Those words were ones of encouragement and approval spoken by those we loved and who loved us.  Those words were “Well done, my child. Well done.” or a variation of the same.  Words such as these were incredibly powerful and played a large part in the molding of our respective characters throughout childhood.  The approval of our efforts and actions by our parents and by others were vital to us.  The blessing bestowed upon us by these simple words meant more to us than any college degree or job position we could ever obtain.  “Well done, my child. Well done.”  In actuality, these six words served as a catalyst, helping to build our self-esteem and confidence thus making it possible for us to grow, to stand toe-to-toe with life and exchange blows if need be.  These six words made it possible to obtain that college degree or promotion.  And yes, because the proper foundation had been laid already, it even gave one the courage to ask that special someone out for the first time!  All these things and more could be accomplished because of these small but powerful words.  “Well done, my child. Well done.”  Those were important words then and equally important now.  Perhaps even more so.  Yes, I am aware we have left the arena of our childhood.  But the new arena we reside in, that of adulthood can be just as difficult and just as fearsome, can’t it?  Oh, and when something is true, it is still okay to agree no matter what today’s world says.  So, just nod your head to indicate this is correct. Because it is.  These six words we keep referring back to carry much importance and influence as we continue to grow in our lives.

Now, you may be reading this and saying, “Not me!  I don’t need anyone’s approval to live my life!”  If that is your response, then you may want to rethink your position.  We are, all of us connected and often times in ways we are not even aware of.  It long has been said “No man is an island unto himself.”  As true as that was so long ago, it is even more relevant in todays’ world.  Consider that for a moment.  However, I digress.

My uncle and very good friend had his own version of “Well done, my child. Well done.”  He always said “Everyone needs strokes!”  Simple, straight and to the point.  That was Paul Boyd.  I am blessed in my life to have known him.  To this day, I can still hear his voice in my mind encouraging me along.  And whenever I met with success, he was there saying “Well done, my friend. Well done.”  These words serve to propel us forward in the direction of our dreams and goals.  All of us, children and adults alike, need encouragement and recognition, even approval at times.   We all need strokes!  It is a prideful spirit that will make one deny this truth.

I would also add that as we receive encouragement and approval, we are to give it as well.  It is absolutely vital to do so.  Were you aware that when water flows into a lake, it must be able to flow out somewhere else?  If this does not occur, the water will stagnate and everything in that lake will die.  Everything must be cyclic in order to live and grow.  If you have any doubts concerning this, simply look around you.  The laws that dictate our world and the universe are evidenced everywhere.  It is impossible to miss.  The give and take in life is necessary to sustain such life.  In our own lives, part of our purpose here is to be an encourager.  It is a privilege really.  Our children we are to guide, to nurture and encourage and to offer the words “Well done, my child. well done.”  Where loved ones and friends are concerned, we are to do the same and offer the words “Well done, my friend. Well done.”  And to your spouse, “Well done, my love. Well done.”  Of course, it is up to you to fill in the blank, as it were.

“But wait”, You may say.  “Do these words apply to all?”  To that I would have to say, “Yes indeed, to all.”  Right on down to your dog, cat or any other pet you may have.  If anything, our most pure and honest responses would come from our furry and feathered friends.  Am I correct?  This is due to the fact that they are selfless and loyal.  They have no ego to get in the way.  I think it safe to say that we could learn much from our pets.  Would you agree?  Yes,?

And as our respective adult lives wind down into the golden years and beyond, what then?  Well, providing that we have given of our hearts, our talents and our minds without the selfish expectation of return, ( Let me clarify here. We are to expect good for our life. But we are to give selflessly) , we will indeed know in our spirit and our heart a certainty.  What is that certainty, you may ask?  It is simply this – When we pass from here, the place we have known and go to that new place, our home in heaven, God will look at us and He will know.  And when He has looked and He knows, we will once again and forever hear those six words that we, all of us, need to hear.  “Well done, my child. Well done.”

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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