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Be Kind, Human!

Mankind. Humankind. We’ve all heard the words before.  But have we really given much thought to what they mean?  On the surface, one would think that the word is simply referencing our species.  And I would have to concede the point.  But let us take it a step further, shall we?  Man-kind.  Human-kind.  Would it be too much of a stretch to believe that the true meaning of this words should include the idea that we, collectively as a people treat others with a kindness and a respect that we would like shown to ourselves?  Humankind. Kind humans.  What a concept!  Do you realize if we all behaved kindly to all those we came into contact with, our entire world, our planet would change dramatically in only a matter of months.  All of us together, an army of kind humans would be an unstoppable force that would gain strength as it swept across this country and then the world!  Think of it!  It is all too possible, my friends.

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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