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God Loves You!……..

Has Life left you wondering

And you haven’t got a clue?

Well, remember this today, my friend

That God Loves You!

Have you had some disappointment?

Are you sad and oh so blue?

Then you best not forget, dear one

That God Loves You!

Have you suffered a lost love?

Is your job all but through?

Then I must truly tell you

That God Loves You!

Did the doctor give you bad news?

Is there nothing they can do?

Please, may I tell you something?

Your God Loves You!

Are you worried for the future?

Does your past Life torment you?

Then I will tell you once again

That God Loves You!

No matter what the problem

Or the issues that ensue,

You may always rest assured

That God Loves You!

Just ask in faith believing,

And He will be there on cue!

Now, know this thing for certain,

Your God Loves You!!


Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.









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I Will Give You Beauty For Your Ashes…..

What beautiful words these are!  Beauty is all that is wonderful and glorious and good.  Beauty is what we all want and need in our lives. Beauty is to be found in love and in life. There is the beauty of a friendship, the beauty of family and the beauty of one’s heart, just to name a few.  We have been created in beauty and therefore to live fully, we must have beauty in our lives.  This is how our Creator has ordained the world, the universe.  But often times, Life can be unkind to our spirits and cause us to become broken inside.  Something or someone beautiful in our life is taken away and what was beauty is burned away.  What we are left with then is the remnants of what was a beautiful part of our lives.  What Life leaves us with is the ashes.

The word beauty calls forth from our minds images and words that lift our hearts and brings abundance to our spirit, our soul. Does the word ashes illicit the same response from within us?  No it does not.  When you hear the word ashes, what comes to mind?  For me, the images that present themselves in my mind are those of emptiness, of a vitality that is no longer present.  Ashes are what is left when all else is gone.  Have you ever sat before a bonfire on a cool evening and felt the warmth from the fire radiate towards you and perhaps watched the tendrils of smoke rise into the night sky, a haze against a blanket of stars?  And remember as well the delicious crackling you would hear as you stared almost hypnotically  into the flames, your mind gently wandering, drinking in the wonders of the night?  I have had the privilege of doing so a number of times and the memories connected there are beautiful and sweet.  But when the bonfire had spent itself and the embers had ceased their warm glow, all the remained was a mound of ashes which no longer spoke of a warming for the spirit and body.  These ashes, these remnants now only offered up a kind of  empty and quiet coldness, a sense of something now lost.  I have never seen anyone sit in front of a bonfire whose life and light had burned itself out.  Have you, my friend?  I am sure you have not.

I suppose my point here is rather obvious.  These two words beauty and ashes are completely opposite each other in that the feelings and memories we may have of them are dramatically different as well.  And I might add that there is a scripture which states the God will give us beauty for our ashes.  What the word ashes is referring to in this passage is what we have lost in our life as well as the pain and emptiness we have suffered because of it.  So, if we have been afflicted with the ashes of loneliness due to the fact we do not have that special one to fill our being with a love that is true, God then is offering you the beauty of such a love.  And if it is not around the next corner, it is not so far off really. Just be patient and ask for the wisdom to recognize it when it comes.  Are you suffering the ashes of pain and of sorrow because of the loss of a loved one called away from our world too soon?  This is a difficult one, to be sure.  A person so afflicted can become angry and bitter and disengage themselves from what is their true self and become lost along the way.  And from a human standpoint, it is hard to blame them for feeling this way.  The words “God’s ways are not our ways” or “Have faith for it will all work out” become little more than platitudes and actually can make one in such a state even more bitter and angry.   I have been there and I know the truth of this.  And I wish for the benefit of those reading this that I could boldly say that I now understand it.  But I do not, not completely.  However, I do have peace concerning it now, an acceptance if you will as well as a belief that God still knows what it is He is doing even if I may not agree with it many times.  And I no longer suffer the ashes of pain and of sorrow for the one that I lost now lives above as well as within my heart.  The knowledge and peace I have concerning this, that is the beauty that God has given me in place of those cold and empty ashes.

What are the ashes that bring despair and hopelessness in your life?  Is it the loss of a job and the lack of employment?  God has promised you beauty for your ashes.  Is there a marriage that has gone wrong or a family that is torn apart?  God has promised you beauty for your ashes. Whatever our situation may be, God has stated clearly that He will take those cold, lifeless ashes you have within and will give you instead beauty in such abundance that it will overwhelm your heart and fill your spirit to overflowing so that you may bless others in return.  Test Him upon this promise.  Did you know that God wants us to, has actually requested that we ask, and ask believing that His promises are true?  However, a word of caution here though, if I may.  Remember that we live in a world of instant coffee, fast food and 24 hour ATM machines.  So, we usually expect answers immediately, if not sooner.  Take a breath, have sufficient faith and believe.  We may not receive our beauty for ashes in the fashion we would expect or as quickly as we would want this to be accomplished.  Know then that our Creator has a bit more wisdom than we do more often than not.  So, have patience, believe and know that the beauty He has coming your way will be what you life needs and will also arrive at the proper time for God is never late with His promises nor does He fail to live up to those promises.

I will give you beauty for your ashes……How beautiful are these words?  And who else but Our Creator would take unto Himself our emptiness and pain and give us in return incomprehensible beauty, fullness and joy?   Give this some thought, my friends.

I thank you again for your kind attention here and send to you my prayers for blessing in the lives of you and yours.

William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Listen!……….Destiny Calls Softly

Do you believe in destiny?  I am sure that most of us do believe in destiny as a general rule.  But I am talking about personal destiny, about your reason and purpose for being placed into this, our world.  Do you believe in a personal destiny?  Do you believe that each and everyone one of us has a ordination on our lives, a specific calling if you will?  It is true, you know.  You and I are not here by accident.  Our Creator or God or the Universe or whatever name you are comfortable with has a design for your life. We are not random incidents, fumbling and flailing about, hoping that we make it through Life with our mind and body still intact when it ends.  Although, I will admit it feels like that sometimes.  Life can be pretty frightening when looking at it on a global scale or even when it is just your own backyard, as they say. But have you ever considered that it is seeing how skewed things can be that keeps us from hearing what is in our heart, from what is our destiny?  Think about it for a moment. How many times per day do you get distracted?  How about per hour?  I am not just speaking of the physical aspect either.  We have all sorts of thoughts flitting about in our mind constantly which divert our attention.  How can one know, let alone hear what ones’ heart is telling them  regarding ones’ purpose in life, ones’ destiny when all the while the imps of distraction are clanging about in their mind?  A difficult chore in and of itself and only made harder by the voice of destiny itself.  What do I mean by this?  Allow me to try to explain, if you will.  Like you, I am feeling my way along here and attempting to hear the message of my own heart. So, please indulge me and please be kind.

The voice of destiny follows a path which begins in our heart and it does so because we have  seeds of greatness within.  These seeds of greatness reside in the rich soil of our heart.  Our destiny is determined by what those seeds of greatness have been designed or destined to yield unto Life.  For this reason, the two must be in contact one with the other because they will not come to fruition if separated.  And an obvious point here as well….The aforementioned seeds must receive watering and proper care because nothing will grow if unattended, correct?  But, I digress.  Originally, I made mention that being able to discover our destiny was only made more difficult by the voice of destiny itself, yes?  This voice I speak of is not a loud or brash voice.  It does not usually stride in boldly and shout, “Here am I! Come now, go with me!”  No, this is not how destiny speaks to us.  It comes in gently, almost politely and in a quiet voice it speaks to the spirit of our passions, of what is true in our hearts, of what it is we were born to do with these gifts, these seeds of greatness within.  And it is difficult sometimes to hear this voice while all around us, all is chaos and discord.  It is for this reason that so many of us miss out on the calling, the destiny for which we were born.

As children, we listen to our hearts well and often.  One only has to look deep within a child’s eyes to know the truth of this.  There is no pretense or insincerity in a child’s gaze.  There is only their heart looking out unto you and to the world where magic awaits them.  It is true, is it not?  So, am I indicating that children know their calling, their destiny before they have reached adulthood?  In some cases, yes indeed it is true.  And it probably would be true more often if Life was not cruel at times and if we adults didn’t wear the joy and wonder from the hearts of the young by telling them to “Stop being silly and grow up!” or “You’ll never amount to anything if you don’t grow up!”  My God in heaven, won’t they enter our adult world soon enough?  Don’t cut short the magic they possess, the magic by which they truly “become” who they are meant to be!

Now, for those of us who did not know, did not hear the voice of destiny before and wish to hear it now, I would make a suggestion to you.  Still yourself. Still the spirit of unease within you, the spirit that I call “adulthood”.  Allow your mind to ease, to relax for a few moments.  It’s okay to do so, even though your mind may fight against it.  Forget for the moment about cooking dinner, the grocery list, that prospective client and so on.  They will all be waiting when you return.  Breathe deeply and evenly and let your mind rest.  As you do so, try to recall what it was you most enjoyed as a younger person. What were the things you did that made you feel accomplished and pleased within yourself.  These are most often your passions, your seeds of greatness still resting inside your heart, still waiting for you to bring them into the sunlight.  “It is too late now for my time has gone!”, you may say.  Do not let that distraction cloud the vision of your destiny!  Just because you have not fulfilled your destiny does not mean that it has forgotten you.  That special something you were placed here to do still awaits you.  You see, no one can fulfill the purpose you were born with except you.  It is the way of it.  Rejoice in that knowledge for it tells you that it is not yet too late for your true life, for your destiny to be realized.  This is a great piece of news, is it not?  Alright now, you are still relaxed, yes?  Understandably excited but relaxed in your mind and spirit for this is the only way to hear your heart.  And as surely as you can feel your seeds of greatness stirring now, slowly awakening, you can also hear the quiet and gentle voice of destiny from deep within your heart speaking to you, reminding you of who you were meant to be.  Mind you now, do not allow busy distractions into the space you are creating.  Only relax, breathe and listen for your heart.  It will tell you and take you where it is you need to go.  If you don’t hear anything at first, that is quite understandable.  You’ve not listened to yourself from within for a very long time.  But give yourself the time deserved and permit patience to enter your mind.  To live your life fully blessed because you are fulfilling your destiny is worth the effort required to know your heart as you did so long ago.  I know this to be true.  Would you not agree?  Thank you for your attention and may the blessings of the day be yours to share!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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It’s Simple!

I came across this brief message awhile ago.  Quite honestly, I don’t remember where I read it or who may have wrote it.  But it is worthy of your attention.  I cannot take credit for it although I wish I could.  This is a classic example of less is more!  Give it a read!

“You want simple?  How’s this?  Everything in life boils down to this – God loves you.  So love other people.  God sacrificed everything to be with you.  So sacrifice everything.  It’s simple but it’s hard.  Total surrender, even on a trial basis.  God’s call is always about the choice.”

Personally, that hit me where I live, as the saying goes.  These words contain the formula for changing our world.  Take them to heart. And if anyone knows who originated this statement, I would really like to know.  Thank you.

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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