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Which Person Do We Resemble?

It has always been said in Life, there are two kinds of people.  There are winners and there are losers.  I must disagree with this line of thinking. I believe there are mainly three types of people.  There are those who are actively making use of their natural talents and abilities and are therefore living Life as the Creator intended them to do.  Then there are those whose potential lies latent, just below the surface.  Their talents and abilities are as yet undiscovered but will be and soon.  Of this you may be sure for when you look in their eyes, the light of Life is shining, just waiting to blossom into fullness.

And then we have the last group of folks.  Quite honestly, I am not sure whether to be angry with them or to pity them.  When you look for that spark of Life  in their eyes, what you will see instead is a hollowness staring back at you.  It is that disturbing vacancy that has become all too common in our world.  This third section of the populace grows a bit more each day.  These are the people who no longer live Life.  They only live a routine.  Visualize this if you will. (But only for a moment, please.  It is dangerous to stay there for long!)  Picture yesterday, today and tomorrow as a distant memory.  Can you see it?  There is no present and there is no future. Everything is from “ago”.  Consequently, there is nothing fresh or new happening.  Frightening, isn’t it?  That is the perspective that so many live from today.  And sadly, this group of people are unaware that they have passed on.  They have forgotten that Life was meant to be lived.  As previously stated, they simply live a routine.  Their idea of a new adventure is what’s on “Must See TV”.  Don’t laugh for what you read here is true.

People today have lost their sense of identity and look to regain it through buying toys and watching television.  Friends and neighbors, I say to you that happiness will not be found there.  No sir!, no ma’am!  Do not become one of the living dead.  Challenge your mind daily.  Read books, go running, develop friendships with those who are alive in their spirit.  And above all, Live Your Life!!


Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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