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Laugh Always!

Do you know what the problem is with most folks today?  And to clarify, by “folks” I mean grown-ups.  The problem of which I speak is not a mystery really.  By and large, grown-ups (or adults, if you prefer) no longer laugh.  It seems they have forgotten how to do so.  Laughter is one of Life’s fundamentals.  But somewhere along the way in our journey to adulthood, we become grim and feel the need to be serious about our life all the time!  And in order to be serious, laughter and a happy Spirit must be put up and away on the top shelf and into the darkest of corners.  Consequently, our wide grins and our big smiles, our chuckles and laughter which we once experienced many times daily seem to fade out as we become “responsible adults”.  Happiness, humor and a care free spirit gives way to stress, worry and an often heavy heart, weighed down by the cares of Life.  I paint an accurate picture of so many of us, yes?  And that is simply how the Wheel of Life turns round and round. It is the way of the world, as they say.  Is this not correct?  To this I say, No, no and no once more!!  Nothing could be further from the truth!  This is simply the Big Lie that society has forced upon us.  I say to you this……Laugh Always!  As children, it was a natural, unstoppable reaction.  You remember, don’t you?  If not, make it a point to listen to the children around you.  You will hear it then……the laughter of a child which is purity expressed in its simplest form……unbridled happiness!  This is what we, the grown-ups of this world are lacking.  Laughter has become something that feels unnatural for so many adults today and this should not be so.

Allow me please to pose a question to you.  When would be the last time you laughed?  And I don’t mean the polite laughter that is deemed as proper by so many these days.  I am speaking of genuine laughter, the deep-down, from the gut,side-splitting laughter.  The kind of laughter where you laugh so hard that the tears run down your cheeks like rain and when you try to stop, even beg to stop, you cannot stop.  And those around you begin laughing even if they don’t really know why because laughter is contagious, as you well know.  And why is it contagious you might ask?  I believe I know why.  See if this answer rings true.  It is because Laughter is a gift, one where your heart and your Spirit join in on the chorus which causes one to desire to sing just one more verse and then another.  Laughter comes from deep within the soul and flows outward and upward like a special kind of music with lyrics all its own. You see, Laughter is the music of our soul and those around us are drawn to music always.  That is what my heart and spirit tells me to be so.

Oh and remember something else as well.  Remember when you would laugh and when the laughter finally wound it self down?  As the tears of laughter dried upon your cheeks and the soreness in your stomach ebbed away, how did you feel afterward?  Go ahead….say it!  You felt good, almost cleansed really.  Laughter does that for you, for us.  That is why it is a gift, you see.  So, for the sake of yourself and those you love as well as for the sake of our world which needs our laughter, please Laugh long, loud and always!! May you blessed in your joy and laughter, my friends!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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Oh Wow!

A baptism, be it one of water, one of fire or otherwise is meant to be a cleansing. It is not meant to renew a person but rather it is to let that person begin anew.  You see, the word “renew” means to refill, to begin something again.  The word “anew” is defined as a new beginning as in “I began my life afresh.”  What we as adults need to do is to begin anew.  We need to peel away the layers of life that have quite literally cordoned us away from what life was truly meant to be.

Are you jaded by life?  Then you must peel that layer away for it has blinded you from the truth that life has to offer.  Are you angry or bitter?  That layer too, must be peeled away.  It has prevented you from taking in the purity of breath Life offers you.  As we grow into adulthood, we tend to develop what I call “Cataracts of the Mind”.  Not a pleasant term, is it?  Cataracts of the Mind.  This disease clouds the minds’ vision and thus changes how we view the vision we have for our lives.  It also affects the vision we have of the world around us.

Because of this, our world becomes completely skewed.  It’s no wonder that so many of us see all things darkly.  Things that would have evoked a happy, positive response in us as children do not do so now.  Instead of seeing the good, all we see as adults is the negative.  We no longer see the magic in Life and respond with “Oh Wow, Awesome!”  Now we say things like “Yeah, but it’s too good to be true. Life sucks!”

What happened to us? And right about now, you’re ready to dismiss my writings as rantings.  Well, aren’t you?  If that is the case, I have but one word for you….DON’T!  This is your last chance to redeem your life.  Take it or die.  And as you may be aware, I am not speaking of a physical death.  There is a fate much worse than that.  It is the death of our heart, our soul.  It is when our light of creativity and imagination dies.

Simply stated, my point is this.  We, as adults have lost the ability to “Oh, Wow!”  And the real irony behind that is that we speak of the expansion of our minds and intellect when in reality, we have effectively shut down the simpler yet more creative part of our mind.  The part of the mind that could see the beauty of a flower or the splendor of a sunset and say, “Oh, Wow!”  That part of the mind that could appreciate and laugh at the antics of squirrels chasing each other through the trees.  The part of the mind that sees a spider web, glistening and heavy with the morning dew and knowing that this spider web is as strong as it is fragile.  And then realizing the miracle of it all and saying, “Oh, Wow!”  Yes, we have indeed lost it.  We have lost the “Oh, Wow!” factor. It can be retrieved but not without some effort on our part.  And my friends, trust me on this point.  The rewards in this case far exceed any effort it may take.  Please attend to these words!  We must allow ourselves to grow young again! Therein lies the salvation of our spirits, our minds and our hearts.

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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