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Choose This Day……

Each day that we awaken and arise from slumber, that new day is a gift and should be treated as such. A gift is something that one enjoys and treasures.  A gift is something that we tend to make use of.  If the gift is an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry, we wear it.  If we receive tools as a gift, we build something or work on our car.  Should the gift be toys for a youngster, they play with their gift.  Whatever it may be, we make use of that particular gift. We choose to do so because that is the logical choice to make, yes?  So, why is it that we mistreat the gift of a brand new day then?  As nice as other gifts are, nothing can quite compare with waking up and knowing that we have before us hours of life, hours filled with resplendent opportunities to pursue our dreams and goals.  With this gift of the day, we can breathe in the beauty of creation around us.  We can use moments within that day to be of a help and blessing to others and be blessed in return.  Throughout the miracle of this gift, this day we can learn something new.  We have the privilege of using our mind and our bodies in mental and physical activities.  If we choose to, we can consider for a moment the miracle of our hands.  When is the last time you thought about how wonderous our hands are?  Our fingers and thumbs flex and move, seemingly on their own carrying out the orders that our brain sends to them by way of our nerves.  I myself paused for a moment or two here considering how amazing it is that I am able to type because of the gift of my hands and the intricate process involved that makes it so.  But you see, I chose to reflect on this.

Everything we do with the gift of each day is a matter of choice.  How did you choose to use your day today?  Did you greet the day with thankfulness by filling your lungs with oxygen, breathing in deeply the gift of Life?  Did you allow yourself the exquisite pleasure of a good full-body stretch, feeling your muscles limber up?  Cats do this instinctively, innately knowing the value of stretching.  It eases the body into the day instead of shocking it into submission.  Did you go look out the window to see the sun in the heavens and the abundance of life?  Or did you stumble into the shower, hoping it will awaken you enough so as to make a hurried cup of coffee before rushing out the door to head for work?  For you see, if that is how you began your day, that was a choice also.  Not a good one, but a choice nonetheless.

Now you may tell me that you dislike your job intensely but you have to make a living so what choice do you have?  This is after all how the world works, right?  Wrong.  You have chosen to be where you are and although it would take a bit of work, you can choose to change the path you are on presently.  And if you do not do so, then that is a choice as well because you chose not to choose. 

I would also say that in any given situation, we can choose to be a thermometer or a thermostat.  If our choice is to be a thermometer, then we will simply reflect the temperature or in this case, the environment around us.  Or we choose to be a thermostat and have a direct say as to the nature of the environment is that surrounds us each day.  What would be the better choice here?  Personally, I tend to lean towards the idea of the thermostat.  By choosing that option, it is so much more likely that your day, your gift will be much more fulfilled and abundant.

I believe that so often we like to believe that Life’s choices are not within our control.  This way we are allowed to feel less accountable for how any given day turns out.  And that day turns into two days, then into a week, a month, a year and before we know it, Life has passed us by.  Then we look back over our life and see that the journey was mediocre and disappointing at best.  But really, what choice did we have after all?  It wasn’t our fault that our life was not excellent.  There were circumstances that were beyond control and we had no choice  but to go with what was placed before us.  I will say this to that.  The manner in which we choose whether good or bad becomes a habit.  We can choose wisely or unwisely but either way, we  make a choice.  Another term for the gift of choice is the gift of free will.  And we exercise our free will on a daily basis.

Our Creator has blessed each one of us with the gift of a brand new day each and every day.  He knows the correct choices we should make to get the most benefit of our days and therefore our Life, our Destiny.  But He has also provided us with another gift which brings with it responsibility.  It is the gift of Choice and the way we choose to use that gift is by exercising our free will.  We are intelligent beings having been created as such. And as such, we have the ability to choose the paths we go down.  We obviously do not always choose rightly.  But that is a part of learning in Life and a part of growing into who we were meant to be.  So, think about the choices you make today and everyday.  Some choices are small and some are large.  However, all our choices are significant and far-reaching.  We would do well to remember this, yes?

Choose well this day and everyday.  Always bear in mind that each day we awaken is indeed a gift.  So, treasure it and use it well.  Be a blessing to all those you touch always.  You never know how your smile and a kind word will affect another’s day.  What will the gift of this day bring to you?  The choice is yours to make.  Blessings to you.

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Cadbury, Anyone?

Have you ever been sleeping deeply and dreaming a dream, one that is quite vivid and you would very much like to “see” it through so as to know how it ends?  I am sure you have. I know I have had this happen on more than one occasion.  Well, this happened to me the other night.  And of course, I woke up before the dream carried me across to what I am assuming would have been its illogical conclusion.  I found this to be particularly frustrating because it is the off the wall dreams I enjoy the most.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  Often times those oddball dreams are fodder for some good writing.  And even if they are not, they are just plain fun, a bit of zany fun to offset a world that can be quite often rather off kilter.  Well, at any rate I wanted to share this dream with whomever may read this.  After all, if there can be parallel worlds, then who can say there are not parallel dreams?  Perhaps as I slumber and dream, there is someone, somewhere who is dreaming my dream but only in sort of reverse reflection?  Perhaps as you read this, it may come to you that this was a dream you had as well, sort of.  Or perhaps not?  If not, I can only hope that what I dreamt will be a recurring situation for I really would like to know the outcome.  Now I am aware I could fabricate and fill in the blanks, as it were.  But that would be cheating, yes?  Okay then, friends and neighbors.  Please be advised that there is not much to go on here.  Hey look, it isn’t my fault I woke up!  Some things cannot be controlled, you know?  So, here we are and here we go……

“He was lost in a city he did not know and wasn’t quite sure how he had gotten there.  The streets and buildings were foreign to him.  He had tried again and again to get his bearings and set his mind to right but to no avail.  The small town of Cadbury is where he had been, where he had lived for most of his fifty some-odd years and it was to Cadbury that he must return.  Cadbury.  Come on now, you can do this!  Think Cadbury!!  He concentrated even harder, eyes tightly closed and mind singularly intent.  And what was this he now felt in his closed hand?  He slowly unfolded his fingers to reveal what now lay on his palm.  Lo’ and behold, what lay before him were two foil-wrapped Cadbury chocolates!  “Well,” thought he.  “That’s a start anyway!”  And as he unwrapped one of these tasty treats and popped it into his mouth, his eyes widened in surprised disbelief.  For here came a giant Cadbury on wheels!  It pulled up along side the curb and what appeared to be it’s only door opened.  From inside, a sweet voice came forth and bade him to step into the Cadbury………..”

This my friends, is where I woke up.  Even as I as lay between the two worlds, those of sleep and wakefulness, even as the real world drew me up and out, my mind cried out, “Unfair! Unfair!  Bad form!”  But as you know, there is not much one can do except arise and move into the day.  And I did so, but not without a great deal of resentment.  Of that, you may be sure.  This dream has not surfaced again since but I still am hopeful that it may pop in…..perhaps even tonight!  If this should come about, you will be the second to know of it.  I, of course will be the first.  That is unless you have had the same dream, sort of?

William J. Thompson, Jr.

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