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Do You See Yourself As A Masterpiece or A “Mess-terpiece”?

How do we view ourselves most often?  Do we see ourselves as a creation of the Divine, a masterpiece in process of being born and a gift to the world as our Creator intended?  Do we realize that we must be patient in this process just as our Creator is patient as our rough and often abrasive edges are carefully and gently worn into what is the perfect surface for our beauty to shine forth like the Sun?  Or do we see ourselves as more of a “mess-terpiece” and grow impatient with the process and simply walk away with our imperfections, saying perhaps that such beauty was not meant to be for someone such as ourselves?  So instead, we indulge ourselves in self-deprecating behavior and thus become even more tarnished and dull.  As we do so, we fail to realize that we are drifting further and further away from what Life would have us to be.  It is no wonder that so many people walk around with smiles that have long since faded and eyes that no longer reflect life and vitality.  It is so sad really.  Nowadays, scores of people simply exist through the years they have been gifted by Life.  And it is because long ago, they walked away from their true Source, the Creator who was patiently in process with them, whispering into ears that were once receptive the thoughts and ideas of wonder and greatness and the magic of Life.  We see these people each day and every day but we hardly notice them for they have allowed themselves to lose their luster, much like old wallpaper which no longer captures the attention of those who enter the room.  You understand what I mean, don’t you?  I suppose I become frustrated with folks because it doesn’t have to be that way.

We were all brought into this world to become a unique and beautiful masterpiece, a singular work of art that offers something that no other has before or will be able to offer in the future.  Why don’t we see this??  What we must do simply is to place ourselves into the hands of the Artist and allow Him to bring us into what we were meant to be, by design.  By Destiny, if you will.  Does this require trust and patience on our part?  Yes, we must display at least as much trust and patience as the Artist demonstrates as He works His way through our imperfections, gently sanding and sculpting us to reflect the true beauty that is within our spirit.  But you see, the Artist I speak of will only work with us by way of our permission for He has bestowed upon us the gift and responsibility of Free Will.  He will not enter a place He has not been invited into.  Our invitation is all this Artist is looking to receive. Do yourself a favor and take Him up on His generous offer.  And if you will do so, it is not only you that will benefit here.  You will be so much more able to touch and bless the lives of others and be blessed in return.

And if I may say yet one more thing?  Please do not entertain such thoughts that would keep you from becoming the masterpiece you are destined to become to lay hold to your mind and your heart.  Because attempts will be made in that direction and I will guarantee it.  These attempts will come most often when the Artist is working to smooth out a rather rough part of who you may perceive yourself to be.  It is at moments like these that the temptation will be strong to simply turn a deaf ear to the Artist’s voice and walk away from where He is leading you.  Please resist then the urge to leave and go your own way.  Instead, be stronger and become more patient in those times.  And in doing so, that is what will make all the difference in what and who you become in this Life.  In this way, you will indeed develop into the masterpiece that you were born to be and not the “mess-terpiece” that you would otherwise become.  Give this some thought if you will for it is indeed the truth.

I thank you for taking time from your day to view these words and as always, I hope that there lies a benefit here for you.  Take care in your thoughts and may blessing find you ready and able to receive what Life holds for you.

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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Do You Believe In Magic………………Still?

We all pray for and long for the return of magic in our lives, for those special moments in our lives that when they occur, seem to shine and allow us a glimpse into a world where miracles are possible.  Oddly enough, the magic in Life is ever-present.  It is simply a matter of adjusting our sight, of being able to view our life and our world as we did as children.  Is this an easy task?  No, not at all.  Not easy at first anyway.  But it becomes easier as our eyes adjust to that special light, the one from our childhood.  Try it. You will undoubtedly find yourself squinting at first, perhaps even raising a hand against the brightness.  But, just give it a few moments and you will adjust.  Trust me on this.  And as you new vision comes into focus, the magic of Life will appear before your very eyes!  So, take a good, long look now! You will see!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.

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