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You Are Indeed Worthy!

Have you ever found yourself accepting less than you know is the best for your life?  Have you noticed this trait being repeated in those around you?  Why is it that this occurs?  Do you know why?  I believe that it happens because we believe ourselves unworthy of richness in our lives.  We do not see ourselves as the Creator sees us, a treasure beyond words.  If we could but get a glimpse of what our Creator sees, our lives would be so much greater, so much more fulfilled.  This is not to say that we are incredible in an arrogant manner.  Those who are truly great are usually humble for they know the Source of their talents and abilities.  A suggestion to ourselves perhaps?  Set aside a few moments and take a good hard look at you.  Try and see yourself as Gods’ creation and see how He would see you.  Bear in mind that you are created in His image.  I would say that this statement should tell you something of yourself, yes?  Now, if you were able to do this, then do one more thing please.  Celebrate yourself for a bit!  Not in a proud or boastful fashion. But rather in a way that celebrates what lies within you. Try it!  Do it now!

Authored by William J. Thompson, Jr.


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